Our mission is to create opportunities for people to achieve their self-sufficiency goals and educate beneficiaries about available options to most successfully attain their employment goals.

The Connecticut Employment Network has been operating under a contract award with the Social Security Administration to provide Ticket-to-Work services since 2007. Our initial service area began in Connecticut, however we have since relocated to North Carolina and have the ability to work with anyone nationwide. We are a family owned business dedicated to meeting your needs with individualized services. Our small size as a company allows us greater flexibility to meet your vocational needs as a job seeker or your staffing needs as an employer. Your success and satisfaction is our highest priority.

We provide career counseling, job development services, ongoing employment support, and job retention services to people with disabilities. Our goal is to enable people to achieve self sufficiency through gainful employment while removing the stigma that can accompany services through a traditional bricks and mortar institution.  All services are provided via telephone and web based communications so we can provide services to beneficiaries nationwide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how to get started with the Ticket to Work Program.

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